New Breeding Techniques Platform


The New Breeding Techniques Platform believes that NBTs are important for the whole agri-food chain,  and not just for farmers and plant breeders. To this end, the Platform will publish interviews featuring representatives of the agri-food sector . The goal? Showcase practical applications of NBTs in the real world.


1. Retailers - Our first story comes from a retailer. At first sight, retail and plant biotech do not appear to have much in common. Yet, let’s ask the question: Is plant biotech important for retailers and consumers? This is what we asked Mr. Said Belhassan, Director of Fruits & Vegetables at the Dutch retail Store Albert Heijn.


2. Spanish Farmers - Our second story brings us to Andalusia, in the south of Spain, where droughts are severe and farmers need crops able to make a more efficient use of water while keeping the same level of yield. But how can farmers deal with such situation? This is what we asked Mr.  Pedro Gallardo, President of the Spainsh Association of Young Farmers.


3. Organic Farmers - Our third story looks into the case of late blight, a particular type of fungi that severly affects potato crops. Recent field trials have shown the efficacy of late blight–resistant potatoes. Such variety would not only be environmentally beneficial, but it would strongly reduce the need for fungicide sprays. Therefore why is the organic sector not interested in such variety? How can organic farmers benefit from plant breeding innovation? This is what we asked Mr. René Custers, Regulatory & Responsible Research Manager at the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology.


4. Forestry - Our fourth story brings us in the realm of forestry. Forestry is the science of creating, managing, using, conserving, and repairing forests for human and environmental benefits. But what is the connection between plant biotech and the development of forestry? This is what we asked Mr. Magnus Hertzberg, Chief Scientific Officer at SweTree Technologies.


The story of Mr. Said Belhassan The story of Mr. Pedro GallardoThe story of Mr. René CustersThe story of Mr. Magnus Hertzberg